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Commercial Pilot Licence

Get paid to fly!

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence, or CPL, allows a pilot to be paid for their services and so is required for someone wanting to pursue flying as a career.

We are approved by CASA to offer both the non-integrated (200 hour) and integrated (150 hour) CPL syllabus.  The integrated CPL course is full-time, whereas the non-integrated course is intended for part time students.

For both of the courses, we have a variety of aircraft options available so that we can tailor the path to a commercial pilot licence to the career goals of each individual student.  The initial training for all courses is completed in the Cessna 172, but from there onwards, the student has a variety of aircraft to choose from in which to complete the CPL.  One of the options is the Cessna 182, but we can also conduct the multi engine class rating or gas turbine engine endorsement during the course, allowing our students to complete their commercial licence in one of our twin engine aircraft, or in the Cessna Grand Caravan!  We believe we are the only school in the country to offer all of these choices for our commercial students.

The above options help our students achieve their initial employment in the industry by giving them more time in their logbook on relevant types to what type of flying the want to end up doing.

To enquire about completing your Commercial Pilot Licence with us, get in touch with us via the link below:


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