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Cessna 185

Cessna 185s are like the rural farmer’s beloved Landcruiser: rugged, powerful, and trusted. With power to spare and two cabin doors, you can fill it full of farm equipment, a family, and everything in between. This aerial pick-up comfortably hauls nearly three quarters of a ton of stuff.

Although certified as a six-place airplane, our Cessna 185 is suitable for only 4 people, having removed the third-row “child seat” bench. 

The Skywagon is not a hard airplane to fly, but it does require the usual attention of any fairly heavy taildragger. It feels a bit more truck-like than the Cub; the ailerons are a little heavier, as is the elevator. Control feel is not so lethargic as to make it unpleasant, though. These characteristics subtly challenge you to fly it, part of the airplane’s allure. The aircraft is very much a “pick-up” not a sports car.

The 185 is available for dual hire at $600+GST per hour (wet).


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