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Blue Sky airways Hire Rates

All rates valid for our Cessnock flying school.  Contact us for rates at other locations.


Please see below for our aircraft hire rates, current as at the 04th January 2024 and valid for our Cessnock flying school.

All aircraft hire rates are based on VDO hours charged per 0.1, and are inclusive of fuel.

Single Engine

Cessna 172

C172P - VH-NCO

NCO is fitted with the Garmin GTN650 touchscreen GPS navigator, coupled to two GI275 digital flight displays, perfect for keeping IFR current!

Hire: $305+GST Dual: $405+GST

Cessna 172N

C172N - VH-RPL

Our budget trainer, RPL is aptly registered, as it conducts the majority of our RPL and PPL training alongside NCO!

Hire: $285+GST. Dual: $395+GST

8GCBC Scout

American Champion Scout - VH-FMN

We use the Scout for initial tailwheel undercarriage endorsements, along with "bush flying" type training.

Hire: $315+GST. Dual: $415+GST

DeHavilland Beaver Training

DHC-2 Beaver - VH-CXS

The Beaver is the classic bush-plane! One of the few available in the world for training, however, no solo operations are permitted due to insurance requirements.

Dual: $750+GST

Outback charter flights

Cessna C208B Grand Caravan - VH-SHW

The C208B Grand Caravan is the larger of the Cessna Caravan series. Available for GTE endorsements, type training, and crew check and training.

Dual: $1555+GST C208 and GTE full course: $5500+GST

Seaplane Training

Cessna C208 Caravan - VH-IOV

IOV is our Wipline amphibious float equipped Caravan! Available for dual training, subject to already completing the GTE endorsement on our wheeled Caravan.

Dual: $1650+GST

Multi Engine

Flight training finance

BE76 Duchess - VH-LFE

The Duchess is our primary multi engine aeroplane class rating trainer, and one of our instrument rating trainers alongside the C310R.

Hire: $525+GST Dual: $625+GST

Cessna 310 Training

Cessna 310R - VH-ULF

The GA workhorse! We can conduct instrument rating and type training in the 310R, ready for that first charter job.

Hire: $640+GST Dual: $740+GST

PA31 Chieftain

PA31-350 Chieftain VH-MKC & VH-LTU

The mighty Chieftain! Available for type training post multi class rating training.

Dual: $1100+GST


flight simulator

Cirrus II FSTD

Our Flight Simulation Training Device is CASA approved for the RPL, PPL and CPL syllabus, as well as the instrument rating. Hire: $85+GST Dual: $185+GST

Recreational Pilot Licence

Flight Instructor and Examiner services

Instructor only: $150+GST
Briefings: $120+GST

RPL Flight Test: $400+GST
PPL and MEA Flight Test: $600+GST
CPL, Instrument Rating and IPC Flight Test: $700+GST

Note - the above rates are for flying school training, if you require a charter quote please use the quote page form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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