Our Fleet

Blue Sky Airways operates a mixed multi-engine and turbine powered fleet that are both economical and high performance. In addition we also operate various single engine piston aircraft and have an aircraft available for almost any mission.

Beechcraft King Air B200

The Beechcraft King Air is one of the most utilised aircraft in general aviation.  Powered by two Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbo prop engines, the B200 cruises at close to 500 km/h and can fly high enough to be above most of the weather, giving your passengers the most comfortable ride possible.

The King Air is configured with an executive leather interior capable of taking 9 passengers and baggage (or 1000 of freight) over 1100km making it ideal for FIFO operations, business travel, luxury holidaymakers alike.

Cessna Grand Caravan

For the last 30 years, the Cessna Grand Caravan has been recognised as the luxury sports utility vehicle of the air.  Proven to be one of the most versatile, reliable and economic aircraft Cessna have ever built it comes as no suprise that the Caravan  is one of the most widely used turbo-prop aircraft in the world.

Our Caravan is currently in the commuter configuration making it able to take 9 passengers and baggage (or up to 800kg of freight) over 800km comfortably and in style!

Piper Chieftain

The Piper Chieftain is the ultimate commuter workhorse of the Australian aviation industry. Comfortable, reliable and cost effective, the Chieftain has proven its worth everywhere from dirt strips to large international airports.

Our Chieftain is configured to take up to 7 passengers and baggage (or up to 700kg of freight) over 900km, making it perfect for operating into remote areas and for all your charter needs.

Piper J-3 Cub

With extremely docile handling characteristics and slow speed, the Piper Cub is ideal for gaining the tailwheel endorsement, and is the first step on the path to flying our bigger tailwheel bush planes.

de havilland beaver

The king of bush-planes, the de Havilland Beaver is used in remote parts of the world to deliver supplies where ground transportation infrastructure is inadequate or does not exist, along with the conduct of emergency service operations and, as a luxury toy.

Our Beaver is currently configured on wheeled undercarriage and is available for scenic flights, advanced tailwheel, bush strip and type familarisation training.

Cessna 185

The Cessna 185 is a ubiquitous member of the bush plane family and popular with bush pilots all over the world. 


de Havilland Tiger Moth

The DeHavilland Tiger Moth epitomises the word classic.  Originally designed as a training aircraft in the 1930’s, the DH82 has served many roles over the years from cropduster to private transport.  

These days our immaculately restored Tiger Moth lives a relaxed life in its hangar, coming out on sunny days to allow people to experience the sights of the Hunter Valley in true nostalgic style.