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Daher TBM850 Training

Blue Sky Airways is pleased to be able to offer advanced training in the TBM700/850 series of aeroplane.  We are approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct initial TBM850 training as well as recurrent training and flight reviews on the type.

The TBM850, technically a TBM700N, is powered by the Pratt and Whitney PT6A-66D engine, producing 850 shaft horsepower and is a development of the original TBM700.  The TBM700 series is a type that requires training and a flight review on type under CASR 61.747 before a pilot may operate the aircraft as pilot in command.

The TBM850 training includes thorough ground briefings, walk-around and pre-flight prior to the flight components.  The flying aspect of the TBM training includes normal operations, as well as in-depth demonstration and management of emergency situations.

Able to cruise at flight level 310 at over 300 knots (or 0.5 mach), the TBM is a very high performance single engine aircraft.  These staggering performance numbers are matched by the TBM’s incredible glide range, which allows the aircraft to descend with the engine shut down and the propeller feathered at a rate of only 1000 feet per two nautical miles travelled (in nil wind).  

The safety features and glide performance of the TBM850, combined with it’s reliable engine and systems, is what makes it one of only three aircraft approved for ASETPA (Approved Single-Engine Turbine Powered Aeroplane) IFR Charter operations – The only others being the Cessna C208 Caravan series and the Pilatus PC12.


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