Cessna 310 Training

The Cessna 310 is one of the mainstays of the general aviation charter fleet in Australia.  With a reputation for fast and efficient air charter, many companies utilise the 310 on their passenger and freight operations.

For this reason the C310 is a desirable type to have in a pilot’s logbook, and we are pleased to offer ours to students for multi engine training, IFR training, IPC’s and type checkouts.

Our particular model is the “long nose” Cessna 310R, the latest in the 310 line of aircraft and featuring an increased maximum takeoff weight and more nose baggage space than the earlier models.  Powered by two Continental IO-520 six cylinder engines, the 310R has a cruise speed of approximately 180 knots.  Performance and load carrying capacity of the 310R is comparable to the Beechcraft Baron series of twin engine aeroplanes.

Some Cessna 310 training is ideal to have under a pilot’s belt prior to “heading north” for that first job, as many operators look favorably upon twin Cessna hours.  Our 310 is fitted with a Garmin GNS430 GPS, combined with an Aspen PFD (Primary Flight Display) and a modern S-Tec 55X autopilot, providing a good introduction into IFR charter operations for our students.


Cessna 310RSpecifications
Engines2 x Continental IO-520-M
75% Power Cruise194 KTAS
65% Power Cruise182 KTAS
Block Fuel Flow120 Litres per hour
Seats (Total)6
Fuel Capacity630 Litres
*Information not for operational use.