Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

Trial Introductory Flight

Trying to decide if flying is the career or hobby for you?  The first step is a Trial Introductory Flight, or TIF!  During a TIF, you’ll be flying with one of our professional flight instructors, who will explain to you the use of the controls and give you a general introduction to what it is like taking flying lessons.

Under the watchful eye of your instructor, you’re able to take the controls and guide the aircraft through the sky and experience the freedom that comes with commencing your flight training.  If you decide to continue with your flight training, then your trial introductory flight can count towards your flight hours and go into your logbook!

We generally conduct the TIF in our Cessna 152, but we can use other aircraft types by request.  Use the link below to book your trial introductory flight and take the first step on your journey to becoming a qualified pilot!

TIF Pricing – Cessna 152

Half Hour – $160    Hour – $299