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8GCBC Scout

8GCBC Scout

The American Champion 8GCBC Scout is from the same family line as the Citabria (which is airbatic spelt backwards!) and the Decathlon / Super Decathlon.

The Scout is fitted with a Lycoming O-360 engine and a constant speed propeller, along with flaps and a strong landing gear for use on rough strips.  The tall landing gear gives it more prop clearance than the Decathlon and is more suited to off-airport type operations.

We use the American Champion Scout for tailwheel endorsement training along with “bush flying” type training.  During the latter, we utilise the short field takeoff and landing, or STOL for short, capability of the 8GCBC and introduce the student to landing at places other than published airports!

The Scout has very docile handling characteristics, making it a joy to fly and an easy transition into the world of tailwheel undercarriage.

To enquire about completing your tailwheel training with us, get in touch via phone on 0467 000 000 or via the contact link below.


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