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Tailwheel Endorsement

A tailwheel undercarriage endorsement opens up a whole new world of aviation and improves a pilots general handling.

Tailwheel Endorsement Training

The Tailwheel Undercarriage endorsement opens up a whole new world of aviation as many vintage and utility aircraft are fitted with a tailwheel (or conventional undercarriage as it is also called).  Our initial tailwheel training is carried out in either the Piper PA18 Super Cub fitted with tundra tyres or the American Champion 8GCBC Scout.  The Cub is the perfect training aircraft, providing docile handling to allow a student to come to grips with the differences between tricycle and tailwheel undercarriage. 

We also offer advanced tailwheel training in the DeHavilland Beaver..  It is a requirement for Beaver training to already hold a tailwheel endorsement, which if you don’t have we can provide in the Super Cub or Scout.

Then, if you want to learn additional tailwheel skills, as add-on training for any of our fleet we can provide “bush flying” courses, allowing pilots the chance to experience “off-airport” type flying.  We can tailor the course to what the student wants to achieve (or just for fun!) and can land in a selection of the bush strips we have access to which range from long dirt or gravel strips, through to short, one-way hillside runways.

We provide all training material required as part of our course, and our instructors are able to issue the TWU (Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement) and complete all relevant CASA paperwork for the issue of the endorsement.

We can also provide instructor-only hire to train in your own aircraft.


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