Flight Training

Blue Sky Airways is a CASA approved flying school for both the Cessna C208 and various tailwheel types

Blue Sky Airways is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to conduct initial and recurrent training in the Cessna C208 Caravan, including the initial Gas Turbine Engine (GTE) endorsement.  We also provide initial Tailwheel Undercarriage (TWU) endorsements in our Piper Cub, and type checkouts and familiarisation training in the DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver fitted with tundra tyres.

Cessna Caravan Training

The Cessna C208 and C208B Caravan series is covered by the Single Engine Aeroplane Class Rating, however is prescribed by CASA as requiring a course of flight training and a flight review on type before a pilot is allowed to operate the aircraft on their own.  We are able to provide this training in house, through a comprehensive course of classroom theory, hands-on show and tell at the aircraft and then in-flight training covering all aspects of operation, from pre-flight planning through to engine shut-down. 

Our Cessna Caravan instructors also fly the type on charter operations, so can offer expert insight into real world operations of the C208.  Our course includes briefings on gas turbine engines, turboprops in particular, and the Pratt and Whitney PT6 that is fitted to the Cessna Caravan.  We then do the inflight training as three individual flights to allow a debrief between lessons to provide the best opportunity for consolidation.  Approx. logbook time included is 3.0 hours.  The RRP for our course is $4500+GST and includes all training material.

Tailwheel Endorsement

The Tailwheel Undercarriage endorsement opens up a whole new world of aviation as many vintage and utility aircraft are fitted with a tailwheel (or conventional undercarriage).  Our initial tailwheel training is carried out in our classic Piper Cub fitted with tundra tyres.  The Cub is the perfect training aircraft, providing docile handling to allow a student to come to grips with the differences between tricycle and tailwheel undercarriage. 

We also offer the opportunity to move into the DeHavilland Beaver or Cessna 185 for advanced tailwheel.  Both of these types are heavier than the cub and therefore have greater inertia, resulting in different handling characteristics.  It is a requirement for Beaver or 185 training to already hold a tailwheel endorsement, which if you don’t have we can provide in the cub.

As add-on training for any of our fleet we can provide “bush flying” courses, allowing pilots the chance to experience “off-airport” type flying.  We can tailor the course to what the student wants to achieve (or just for fun!) and can land in a selection of the bush strips we have access to which range from long dirt or gravel strips, through to short, one-way hillside runways.

We can also provide instructor-only hire to train in your own aircraft.

Dual Hire Rates

Piper Cub: $295+GST

de Havilland Beaver: $650+GST

Cessna 185: $600+GST

Cessna Grand Caravan: $1500+GST