Aeroplane Flight Review

Keep your skills current with a biennial aeroplane flight review.

Aeroplane Flight Review

A biennial Aeroplane Flight Review (AFR) is required to ensure a pilot’s flying skills and aeronautical knowledge remains current.  The flight review must be undertaken with an instructor who holds a Grade Two or higher Flight Instructor Rating, and must be conducted under the approval of a flying school if training is involved.

Our CASR Part 141/142 flying school is approved to conduct training for Aeroplane Flight Reviews in both single and multi engine aircraft, as well as multiple turbine engine types.

In addition to completing the flight review, you can add additional skills to your resume at the same time.  The issue of an endorsement or rating covers you for the requirements of an Aeroplane Flight Review for an additional two years.  Increase your stick and rudder skills with the addition of a Tailwheel Endorsement, or fine tune your instrument flying skills by completing a Command Instrument Rating.

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