Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating

Train with real-world charter pilots.

Instrument Rating Course

The multi engine command instrument rating is a must for any budding commercial pilot looking to get into the airline or charter world, or private pilot looking to add the ability to fly in bad weather or at night, and comprises of a comprehensive ground, simulator and flight training course.  You can also self-study the theory for the CASA instrument rating exam (IREX) and only conduct the simulator and flight training with us, saving you money.

Blue Sky Airways offers the command instrument rating in both single and multi-engine aircraft.  The single engine instrument rating is conducted in the Cirrus SR22 and the multi engine command instrument rating is conducted in the Piper PA30 Twin Comanche or Beechcraft BE76 Duchess.  Add-ons for the command instrument rating to allow a commercial pilot to be “job ready” can include doing the second half of the instrument rating flight training in the PA31 Chieftain, C208B Grand Caravan or TBM850.

The theoretical component of the training covers such topics as IFR recency and instrument proficiency check (IPC) requirements, human factors, instrument navigation and instrument approach knowledge.  The practical training includes training in both our modern flight simulator and the aircraft of your choice for 2D approaches (the NDB approach, VOR approach and RNAV), as well as 3D approaches (ILS, or Instrument Landing System).  We are conveniently located at Cessnock Airport, which means we have access to a wide variety of different instrument approaches within a reasonable flight time.  We conduct training for the ILS at Williamtown, Tamworth or Richmond, and the 2D approaches at any of the so-equipped airports within easy reach of the Hunter Valley area, including the Maitland (YMND) RNAV approach located almost on our doorstep.

Because we are the Hunter Valley’s premier charter company, you will be learning from experienced charter pilots who can provide a realistic introduction to the world of commercial IFR flying. 

Pricing Information:  (All prices excluding GST)

IREX Course – $1900

Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (PA30) – $21,250

Single Engine Command Instrument Rating (SR22) – $17,100

Single Engine Command Instrument Rating (C208B) – $38,000 (Includes Gas Turbine Engine Endorsement)