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Outback Charter Flights

Outback Charter Flights allow you to experience remote Australia in comfort.

Outback Charter Flights

Outback charter flights, whether for recreation or business, allow you to travel to remote parts of Australia in a time conscious manner.  The same trip that would take days in a car can be completed in a matter of hours via aircraft charter, saving you significant time and money, especially if travelling for business.  

There is a lot involved in flying to remote areas, but our flight crews are experts at organising and carrying out outback charter flights. From the preparation of the aircraft, passenger snacks and refueling stops, through to gaining permission to use remote airstrips and finding the best outback accommodation, our team of air charter experts are able to provide you with a professional, all-inclusive air charter solution.

With an extensive fleet of aircraft available, Blue Sky Airways has an aircraft available to meet almost any needs.  Popular aircraft  for regional charter flights among our fleet are the Cessna Caravan and Piper Chieftain, which you can read more about on our Fleet Page.


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