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Multi Engine Class Rating

A Multi-Engine Class Rating steps you up to the fast paced world of twin-engine aircraft.

Multi-Engine class rating

The Multi Engine Class Rating allows a pilot to fly a piston powered multi-engine aeroplane up to a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 5700kg.  Previously each twin-engine type was covered by its own endorsement, but now the rating covers the majority of aircraft below 5700kg, subject to meeting the CASR 61.385 General Competency requirement.  We conduct multi engine training for the rating from our Cessnock, Hunter Valley base in New South Wales.  Just two hours drive north of Sydney, and close to Maitland Airport.

Before being able to fly a twin engine aircraft safely, a pilot must have received good quality training in multi-engine operations, including substantial theoretical and practical training in asymmetric (one-engine inoperative) flight. 

Our multi engine syllabus, approved by CASA, includes:

 General Handling


Introduction to Asymmetrics

Asymmetric Circuits


Rating flight test.

The total flight time (including the flight test) to complete the course is 8 hours, and is completed in either the Beechcraft BE76 Duchess or the Cessna 310R, however other types can be utilised on request.  We can also conduct training for pilots in their own aircraft if they have recently purchased and need training on type.

In addition to providing the initial twin engine rating, we can also conduct 61.385 competency training on a variety of multi-engine types including the backbone of our charter fleet, the Piper PA31-350 Chieftain.  


Pricing for the MEA Class Rating includes all briefings, aircraft hire for the rating flight test, AND the Flight Examiner fee for the test.  Alternatively, you can pay per hour from the rates found at the link below.

Initial multi engine class rating, completed in the BE76 Duchess: $5900+GST

Initial multi engine class rating, completed in the Cessna 310R: $6900+GST

For pay-as-you-go hourly rates please visit our rates page here.


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