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Cessna Grand Caravan - C208B

The Cessna C208 Caravan series has become a stalwart of utility operations the world over.  It can be fitted with skis, floats or wheels and is designed to be operated in some of the harshest environments on the planet.  The cabin can be configured for passengers or freight, and the 1.2m square door opening allows bulky or oversized freight to be loaded.

Our particular version of the C208 series is the C208B Grand Caravan, the larger of the two size options.  Our Grand Caravan can be configured for up to 12 passengers, or 1000kg of freight.  The large cabin provides a comfortable experience for our passengers, complete with air conditioning and heating.  The powerful Pratt and Whitney PT6 turboprop engine is quiet and efficient, adding to the comfort of the C208B.

The C208 is ideal for remote and rural airstrips, with it’s tundra tyres allowing it to operate from less than perfect runway surfaces.

Request a quote from the link below to utilise the Cessna Caravan for your next business trip or freight delivery.

For pilots looking to add the aircraft type to their qualifications, we are an approved training provider for the C208 series.  For more information on training, please visit the link HERE.


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