Cessna Grand Caravan - C208B

The Cessna C208 Caravan series has become a stalwart of utility operations the world over.  It can be fitted with skis, floats or wheels and is designed to be operated in some of the harshest environments on the planet.  The cabin can be configured for passengers or freight, and the 1.2m square door opening allows bulky or oversized freight to be loaded.

All of these facts make the C208 very popular with charter and freight operators alike, and therefore at some point in their career a pilot is very likely to fly the type. 

We are approved by CASA to conduct training and flight reviews on the C208 and offer students both initial flight training and recurrent refresher training.  The C208 is not designated as requiring a type rating by CASA, but it is stipulated that initial training and a flight review on type must be completed by an approved CASR Part 141 or Part 142 training organisation.  Our Part 141 organisation has a syllabus of training that involves thorough briefings on gas turbine engines in general, turboprops in particular and the PT6A-114A that is fitted to the majority of Cessna Caravans.  We conduct the flight training over three individual flights so as to allow the most opportunity for debriefs between sorties and consolidation on the next flight.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the knowledge of our instructors during the course to gain as much knowledge as possible on the C208 type.

We operate the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, fitted with Garmin G600 avionics, however can provide training on your own particular model of aircraft as well.  Our Grand Caravan can be easily interchanged between wheel and ski undercarriage and is in immaculate condition as it is one of our primary charter aircraft.

The cost of our complete C208 Training Package is $4500+GST and includes extensive briefings, all training material, approximately 3.0 hours flight time, and the initial flight review on type.